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A Brief Company History:

Intersales as a business has been operating for 40 years in its current capacity as a machinery company - selling, servicing and maintaining farm machinery.

Intersales also has, as part of its workshop, facilities for machining and fabrication, with appropriate staff to operate this extension of our workshop.

Intersales has been involved in mine maintenance, and more specifically mill relining, since 1983. We have, in our company, a vastly experienced workforce who have specialised in servicing the mining industry sector.


Intersales has a dedicated mines truck, which is loaded with all tools to successfully do a reline, on standby at all times. Other vehicles available to bring support crews include a mini-bus and workshop vehicles.

We have built up this support system to enable us to meet any requirements that mines might need in an emergency situation where mill lining systems may fail unexpectedly or not reach their scheduled change-out time, due to excess tonnage, change of grades, etc.

Training and Safety:

All of our staff undergo extensive training in mandatory safety procedures before attending Inductions on the mine site.

Mandatory safety training modules are

1) Liner Handler Tool Operation

2) Job Safety Training

3) Electrical Safety

4) Electrical Welding

5) Working at Heights

6) Confined Spaces

As well as these training modules, we conduct many others that we do with all our staff at Intersales on an ongoing basis.

Other specific training that we do for work relating to mines maintenance includes:

1) Advanced Confined Space Training

2) Dogmans Ticket (Workcover)

3) Forklift Ticket (Workcover)

4) Heavy Vehicle Licence (Workcover)

5) First Aid Certificate (St Johns Ambulance)

Intersales has a zero alcohol and drug tolerance policy. To ensure this policy is maintained we have 3 alcohol testing devices.

Standard of our reline crews:

Each crew has –

a) Supervisor

b) Trained Liner Handler Operator

c) Boilermaker or oxy-cutting trained person

d) 2 Dogman

e) Ticketed Forklift Driver

f) Over-head Crane Operator

g) First-Aid trained person

As we are continually training new personnel all of the time, and introducing them into the team, we are able to ensure a continuity of experienced reliners in all crews at all times.

Some of our regular reliners have had up to 10 years experience in relining mills. The majority of our team has at least 5 years experience, meaning they have completed, in some cases, over 100 relines of mills.


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